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The Smart Nutrition Made Simple Show

Apr 5, 2022

What if our ability to grow, personally, professionally, and emotionally was limited by pre-programmed beliefs from our childhood, from our society, and from a lifetime of conforming to who we think we should be rather than who we could be?


What if we could de-program our belief systems so that we could start to embrace a life without limits?


That’s what we’re discussing on this episode of the Smart Nutrition Made Simple Show


The story you're telling yourself right now about who you a LIE….


At least that’s what today’s guest, Tyler Wall has to say about the version of your life that exists as you are, right now.


Tyler, and his business, contrast by design, helps you not only bridge the gap to where you can be, but also knock down the walls that have been keeping you stuck so you can truly experience the infinite world all around you.


In this conversation, Tyler and I discuss our backgrounds in Strength and conditioning, nutrition coaching, searching out mentors, and the desire to embrace discomfort as a necessity in our lives to stimulate growth.


We discuss the programming of our belief systems and how to open the door for personal and professional growth by learning to question those potentially limiting beliefs.


Tyler is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is curious about all things related to human beings and empowerment - be it physical development and abilities or mental models and different avenues of psychology.  


Tyler has an extensive background and an array of certifications in NLP, hypnotherapy, strength and conditioning, and sports rehab. He's on a mission to help people uncover the facets of their lives and minds that are holding them back, and step into the absolute best version of themselves in their business and life.


This was hands down one of the most enlightening conversations I’ve had on the show and am confident that you’ll enjoy. Here…we…go…

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